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Digital advertising encompasses many approaches to promote your business’ online presence and increase your overall sales.  We use multiple tools, methods and gadgets to accomplish our task. This includes desktop / laptop computers, ipads, tablets, and smartphones, etc. to get your message out.  In addition, we employ a number of tools and methods to maximize awareness of your products & services locally, across the USA, and even internationally.  This may include an e-mail blitz , optimizing your websites to rank higher in the top 3 search engines, and social networking. The idea is to make sure you dominate your competition because of our ability to get you noticed utilizing Ventura County Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Because of changes in search engine algorythms and other improvements, it’s difficult to stay up to date with all the changes going on with styles, procedures, and best practices in the digital marketing world.  Online advertising methods such as mobile ads and numerous other “secret steps” that would confuse the uninitiated novice to our Digital Markeing Agency located in Ventura.

We have the know-how, technology, and skill, to rank you at the top of the search engines.  In addition, we know how to avoid the traps awaiting novices. Here is a partial list of don’ts to avoid some of the common pitfalls:

1. Don’t Allow a Disconnection – Utilizing people and resources online is significant.  Gone is the ability to supervise or inspect their actions at will.  It’s difficult for people to trust a website than a human contact that they can look in the eye and shake their hand.  Developing a relationship is very important.  They must like and trust you.  Even if you’re miles away.  Reply to all e-mails and phone calls promptly. Don’t ever mislead anyone for any reason.   Your word is your bond.  Say what you mean and mean what you say!  If you promise something, no matter how small, get it done as soon as possible. Be their rock – in you’re doing a newsletter don’t get lazy.  Get it out on time and with regularity so people can count on you at all times.  Update your social sites, products, services, and your website regularily.  Don’t let any of these online properties get stale.   This is your garden, your money tree.  Tend to it (or them) and keep everything watered, fertilized, pruned, and weeded.  Be consistant with your media dispatches. Answer all inquiries / questions in a professional and timely manner. Let their never be a doubt in your customer’s mind that you are accessible, available, and ready to help them.  We practice what we preach here at Ventura Online Marketing Company.

2. Traffic Instead Of Conversions – Visitors are essential to your businesses web properties, but you need peope to buy something!   It is imperative to convert visitors into buyers.  We help you focus your efforts on turning visitors into paying customers.   Let’s weed out the tire kickers as soon as we can.  If people aren’t interested in your offer, getting 10,000 to your site won’t do a thing to increase your sales.  Find out where your buyers hang out and go there.  Our goal is for visitors who reach our website and know we can scratch their itch.  Mark Patton SEO agency can help you with all your digital marketing needs in all of Ventura, CA. 

3. Information Overload – Analysis Paralysis is a big problem for consumers.  Especially in the digital world.  Indeed, a vast amount of information is available and anyone can get mired in the morass of info. Others get trapped spending an way too much time researching subjects that really don’t matter all that much.  Let us help!  We can cut through all the static and help you understand how to solve your problems without all the hassle.  That saves you time and money.  Let’s focus on what really matters.  We can direct you to many great resources and provide everything you need to make an informed, intelligent decision.

4. Not Paying Attention – Check out Google’s free resources to improve your sites appeal and functionality. Google’s tools will help you operate at peak levels.   You can evaluate ads, webpages, or post resources to discover what works and what doesn’t.

5. Is Your Website Mean? – People falsly believe their website needs to be flashy.  They think the brighter it is, the bigger it is, or makes the most noise it makes – the better.  Not so!  st, the largest, this is a fatal mistake.  You want your site to be user-friendly.  Strive to inform people.   We suggest including enough content to let your visitors know what your site has to offer, but eliminate all fluff and surpurfulous clutter.  Keep on point and pithy.  Confused customers will leave and not come back- resulting in lost sales for your business.  Check out Ventura Web Design.

6. Fine Tune Your Website (aka SEO) – SEO is so valuable important for maximum exposure and profits.   Everything is in constant flux.  Changes are happening almost daily. We can help you locate the most up to date SEO info available.  We’re contantly updating our knowledge and follow the changes so you don’t have to.  It can be a pain in the neck to keep up to date and make the necessary revisions for your company and website to stay in compliance. Mark Patton SEO Is The Top Search Engine Optimization Firm in Ventura Co.

7. Discounting Mobile-Marketing – Over 60% of people search the internet on their mobil divices.  That is huge!  That number will only increase in the coming years as the number of cellular devices and speeds increase.   You cannot ignore this trend and must know your competition will beat you at every turn if you do.  Your website MUST be mobil friendly.  To see if your site is set up correctly, click here.   Don’t worry, if you do the test and fail, we can fix it for you.  We are amazed at the number of  website builders that are unaware of this new requirement.   The result is, your website falls way down in the search engine rankings and buyers won’t see your business.  We can configure your website so that mobil devices can easily read and view your content.

8. Ignoring Social Media – There is no such thing as too much exposure on societal media.  In fact, this is essential to your online presence these days.  We recommend picking 6-10 social sites and regularily post to all of them.  Getting your business on social media cannot be understated. Here are a few to start with: LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest, and Yelp. You can literally set up dozens, maybe even hundreds of social sites, but these are essential to start.

9. Don’t Forget Visual Ads –  Use ads that are compelling.  This will dramatically improve your conversion rates. Be sure to use videos.  Sprinkle quality images throughout your site and/or blog posts. Pictures and videos are essential for all your marketing efforts.  Use personal information, pictures, and graphics on your social and website. There are many resources to help in this regard.   Make sure the images are powerful whenever possible.  You want to grab people by the throat and make them notice your offering!  It’s the  difference between making a sale and losing your buyer to a competitor and you only have a few seconds to do this.  Be sure to use a picture that evokes an emotion in you.  Make your customer laugh if possible.  A smiling customer is a buying customer.  Comedy, animals, and heart-warming videos and/or pictures are deadly winners.

10. Not Knowing What You Don’t Know – Starting an online business and diving headfirst into the digital marketing world is not a good idea.  Do some “due diligence” and prepare yourself for a huge learning curve.  You must understand your market.  Know your customers and where to find them.  Make sure to provide a desirable product / service that thousands of people want, need and love.

These are common mistakes, but do not represent all circumstances that will arise.   They’re a good start so make sure you have addressed them all.  One thing you must realize… change is constant.  Be informed and take action to change course when necessary to reach your goals.  Learn all you can about developing your online business.  Online marketing has come a long way, but will certainly change in the near future.  We all must grow, adapt, and improve as we move forward.  If you ever need assistance, we can help!  For more information regarding Online Marketing and Design Services Ventura, call us today 805-433-4181!